BIM Engineer

Based in Limerick

Role Purpose

Reporting to the BIM Lead- the BIM engineer has the responsibility of delivering all 3D and 2D co-ordination milestones on each project. The role of the BIM engineer is project-specific and all engineers to be based on-site within a BIM environment when requested. When not working on a specific project the BIM engineer will be based within their Business Unit office and report to the BIM Lead. They may need to assist with other smaller projects and produce tender information.

Key Functions of the BIM Engineer

Support the project team with regard to all co-ordination deliverables.

Delivering all 3D and 2D deliverables set by the BIM lead.

Assisting the BIM Lead with the production of 2D co-ordination and installation drawings.

Assisting the BIM Lead with 3D elements needed for design and coordination.

Supporting all parties working within the BIM process.

Working within a team environment to help efficient project delivery.

BIM Engineer Responsibilities

In conjunction with your project team, you will be responsible for the execution of various stages of a project as follows:

Detailing of 3D elements needed for design and coordination.

Production of 3D model files through Revit and where needed Fabrication Cad.

Production of 2D co-ordination and installation drawings.

Ensuring that detailed model files are co-ordinated and clash-free by clashing against the federated model on a constant basis (every 30min).

Taking direct instructions from BIM lead on all design issues.

Administration of Vault files.

Clash detection of submitted files.

The daily building of federated model.

Ensure all files submitted are in correct format.

Attend weekly co-ordination meetings when requested.

Support all parties working within the BIM process.

Assist with clash resolutions on site.

Verification and preparation of layout drawings to meet contract requirements.

Confers with project engineer and project management staff to resolve problems and explain drawings to production or construction teams and provide adjustments as necessary.

Production of all verified record drawings.

Site surveying & verification including point cloud scanning and total station operation.

Production of all 2D project drawings.

Updating and administrating of all co-ordination documents registers and drawings.

Assist with tenders and other drawing requirements from the business unit.

BIM Development

Work within a designated project, working as part of a project team.

Gain knowledge of mechanical & electrical systems with regard to 3D co-ordination.

Develop knowledge of onsite coordination, fabrication and construction.

Attend coordination meetings and develop communication skills.

Move to a BIM lead position when the opportunity arises and deemed ready by the BIM manager.

Necessary requirement of the BIM Engineer

3rd level qualification in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Building Services Engineering or Strong trades background coupled with a BIM qualification.

A minimum of 3+ years’ experience within a BIMCo-ordination function.

Mechanical or Electrical background and have a proven track record in a similar role.

Proven ability to lead a team.

Strong communication and organisational skills.

Ability to work under pressure and short deadlines.

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