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Over 35 year’s experience in the industry

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Meet The Team

Jeremy Hanson


Charles Field

Managing Director

James Hanson


Emma Field


Jareth Hanson


Charlie Nelson

Senior Recruitment
Consultant team leader

Tom Milne

Senior Recruitment
Consultant team leader

Lisa Fowler

Head of accounts

Claire Barrett

Office Manager

Patrick Tyrell

Recruitment Consultant (Temp Desk)

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About Us

Gaia-Newton Associates Limited was established in March 2015. It is an amalgamation of three prominent companies, each working within different sectors of the recruitment industry, with experience spanning over 35 years.

In founding GNA Group we have created a strong corporate brand across three specialist fields that delivers on a personal level to both clients and candidates alike.

With our long standing history of supplying high calibre labour and first-rate candidates, together with our unique and workable IT base, GNA Group is able to provide a highly efficient and cost effective service tailored to the individual needs of each client and candidate.

Gaia-Newton Associates addresses every level of the industry it represents. Be it new staff, new business or existing clients we take the utmost care to ensure that working in a service industry means just that. Our goal at GNA Group is to build long term relationships that enable both parties to thrive in a competitive market.

Client Account Management

We believe that the key to recruitment is to ensure that we constantly develop as a company and react as the market dictates.

We have developed systems and processes that ensures both our clients and employees get a round the clock service at the touch of a button or call.

At GNA our goals are simple but highly effective:

  • To deliver a consistent and reliable workforce to supplement your own employment.
  • To deliver a service that is cost effective and efficient.  
  • To maintain a strong link with client operations and client personnel. 
  • To create a relationship that warrants repeat business. 


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